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Like Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd with more of a dance ethic, Westerner is a cosmic, funky rock band.  Their first album, Unreal City, is a drug-addled, psychedelic romp through akashic memories and dystopian prophecies.  It's a sci-fi, rock opera composed of catchy pop songs, surreal soundscapes, and strange characters who seem to be climbing out of the rabbit hole. Watch out, Alice.


Vocals, Guitar / Enigma Presley
Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals / Dan Rambles
Bass, Vocals / Omar Ibn Mohamed
Drums / Axe Monkey



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Unreal City

by Westerner

Unreal City is a sci-fi rock album about the end of the world.  A psychedelic romp through akashic memories and dystopian prophecies, its catchy pop songs are filled with surreal soundscapes and strange characters.  

Mixed and mastered by Matt Jacobson at www.mattjaudio.com.  All songs written and performed by Cooper Bombadil.  Dan Olson performed drums on The Dawn of the World.  Omar Mohsin performed conga, tabla and bongos on The Dawn of the World.  Matt Jacobson added guitar on Space Odyssey and played Bass on The Hanged Man.